Friday, April 24, 2009

Module 6 - Poetry Break #6b

Poetry Break 6#b

Introduction: There are many joys to experience in life but with those joys also come disappointments. While we cannot avoid disappointments we can learn from them and move forward. Poetry is a wonderful way to express your feelings and begin the healing process. The following poem addresses a young girl’s heartbreak.


It’s not the size that counts
by Julia Gilliam, age 14

My hair blows in the wind, because it is growing regrets.
My eyes slant because I’m laughing, laughing at you.
My fist clench because I’m ready to fight, ready to fight you.
My shoulders are small, yet big enough to shrug you off.
My feet are tiny, yet big enough to walk away from you.
My hands are small, yet big enough to wave good-bye to you.
Smoke is coming from my mouth, because the fire in my heart for you
is out.
[written in chemistry]

[From: From: Things I have to tell you: poems and writing by teenage girls. By Betsy Franco and Nina Nickles, Candlewick Press, 2001.]

Extension: Have you students write a poem to express how they are feeling right now with no pressure to share with the class. Explain that every emotion both positive and negative can be expressed through poetry. As an alternate assignment have your students paint or draw how they are feeling.

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