Friday, April 10, 2009

Module 5 - Poetry Break #5b

Poetry Break #5b

Introduction: Sometimes poetry and artwork are inseparable as it is with concerte poems. Expose your students to the beauty and flexibility of concerte poems.


her royal highness
(concerte poem- see image below)
by Besty Franco


Sunbeams Catch The Cat/ Curled Up On Her/ Throne Of/ Folded Laundry

[From: A curious collection of cats. By Besty Franco and Michael Wertz, Tricycle, 2009]

Extension: Go head, dive right in, and treat the class to the whole book. Ask your students if they have cats or other pets at home; ask your students if any of the poems remind them of their pets. You can also have your students create their own concerte poems.

For fun check out this clip:¤t=PICT0053.flv

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