Friday, April 10, 2009

Module 5 - Poetry Break #5a

Poetry Break #5a

Introduction: Poems that contain a refrain are great to present to children. Read the poem first. Then invite them to participate in the second reading by reciting the refrain every time it appears.


Wanted—A Witch’s Cat
by Shelagh McGee

Wanted—a witch’s cat, (refrain)
Must have vigor and spite,
Be expert at hissing,
And good in a flight,
And have balance and poise
On a broomstick at night.

Wanted—a witch’s cat, (refrain)
Must have hypnotic eyes
To tantalize victims
And mesmerize spies,
And be adept
At scanning the skies.

Wanted—a witch’s cat, (refrain)
With a sly, cunning smile,
And knowledge of spells
And a good deal of guile,
With a fairly hot temper
And plenty of bile.

Wanted—a witch’s cat, (refrain)
Who’s not afraid to fly,
For a cat with strong nerves
The salary’s high
Wanted—a witch’s cat;
Only the best need apply.

[From: Cats are cats: poems. By Nancy Larrick and Ed Young, Philomel Books, 1988.]

Extension: Present to the class another cat poem with a refrain such as "Chang McTang McQuarter Cat" by John Ciardi or share a poem that contains a chorus like "Rat for Lunch" by Jack Prelutsky.

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