Friday, March 27, 2009

Module 4- Poetry Break #4b

Poetry Break #4b

Introduction: Pairing up biography poems with another class activity is a wonderful way to get your class interested in poetry. The following Biopoem about Mexican painter Frida Kahlo can be shared for a variety of reasons: to celebrate Women’s History Month, to pair with an art/art history lesson, to read before a field trip to an art museum, or to couple with a biography about Frida Kahlo.


My Birth
by Carmen T. Bernier-Grand

My birth name is Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderon.
But I often say I am Frieda, German for “peace.”

My birthday is July 6th 1907.
But I often say I was born in 1910,
daughter of the Mexican Revolution.

My birthplace is my grandmother’s house in Coyoacan, Mexico.
But I often say I was born a block away,
in the U-shaped Blue House of my childhood,
a white building, until I painted it deep blue.

[From: Frida: viva la vida = long live life. By Carmen T. Bernier-Grand, Marshall Cavendish Children/Marshall Cavendish Corp, 2007.]

Extension: Have your students write their own Biopoem. The poem can be autobiographical in nature or about another person, real or fictional. Give your students the option of sharing the poem with the rest of the class.

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