Friday, February 6, 2009

Module 1- Poetry Break #1b

This poem is perfect to share with your students when they appear to be tired and out of focus. Stop the current lesson and take a break with “Rope Rhyme.” The poem’s excitement and energy will rejuvenate the class.


Rope Rhyme
by Eloise Greenfield

Get set, ready now, jump right in
Bounce and kick and giggle and spin
Listen to the rope when it hits the ground
Listen to that clappedy-slappedy sound
Jump right up when it tells you to
Come back down, whatever you do
Count to a hundred, count by ten
Start to count all over again
That’s what jumping is all about
Get set, ready now,

[From: Honey, I love, and other love poems. by Eloise Greenfield, Crowell, 1978]

Repeat for good measure. Students can form two large groups, each taking turns reading alternative lines. Ask them about some of their favorite playground past-times.

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